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"Dr. Raven knows how to approach things gently but very thoroughly and thoughtfully. During therapy I had a "trigger" type of experience. Dr. Raven talked me through the whole thing...It felt like a miracle and was instrumental in resolving issues...Dr. Raven has thoroughly and consistently come through with great dedication. I feel that Dr. Raven is a natural born healer"


"Doctor Raven is the best! As an acupuncturist myself, I am very choosey about whom I choose to guide my family's well-being. Dr. Raven showed great attention to detail in caring for my toddler and was extremely helpful in figuring out not only what was going on with my son's health, but how to chart a treatment course that worked for us. She approached the issues on multiple levels and with great sensitivity as to what was working. Thank you!"


"Dr. Raven has been very thoughtful and helpful. She is very knowledgable. I think of her as an excellent doctor."


"My hand and arm feel SO MUCH BETTER omg. I am in arm was freaking out yesterday and now it feels so normal. That pathway that you said puffed up with the ozone during the injection feels liberated! That was definitely the pain pathway where it felt most adhesed and now it just feels free. Thank you so much for your knowledge and dedication to healing. I'm so thankful that you are helping me heal this wound."


Dr. Raven and Arielle are absolutely amazing. My husband and I both use Aralia health as our first stop for all our health needs. My husband had a terrible accident and brain injury and we have found Dr. Raven to be very knowledgeable and approachable. What I appreciate the most is that she actually LISTENS to your concerns and offers evidence based options. They offer a great variety of services at the clinic and they even take insurance for some of the services which can be difficult when working in the naturopathic setting. I would recommend Dr. Raven to anyone who is ready to take charge of their own physical, mental and emotional health!


"I feel incredible! I am honestly shocked. I have been trying things like bread and cheese and have no bloating or gas! The occasional gas that I do have is also not sulfur-like anymore! I am excited to eat some of my favorite foods again without having to worry about what they will do to me."


I cannot say enough good things about Dr Raven! I have never experienced such a caring, compassionate, patient-focused physician. She works hard to help you, has a wealth of knowledge (especially around womens cycles and hormones), and truly listens. She has helped me so much with my PMDD and also has a deep understanding of autism....I can't imagine seeing a regular western medicine doctor again. Naturopathy has been gentle and effective for me. HIGHLY recommend Dr Raven!


"Dr. Raven is a wonderful person, she really cares about her clients, listens and dug in much deeper than any Western Dr. did for me. She would even call to just check in on me. She helped me so much with my thyroid, anxiety, and chronic neck pain."


"Dr. Raven has provided both my young daughter and myself exceptional naturopathic care. Her calm, competent, and gentle approach ensures a safe environment and makes you feel confident that she always has your best interest at heart. Additionally, she makes time to answer all of my (many) questions and her depth of knowledge allows her to consider innovative strategies to different health situations."


"Dr. Raven is a wonderful doctor and person.  She successfully treated me for an intestinal condition called SIBO.  Her knowledge, clarity, and kindness are extraordinary.  Dr. Raven showed me that shifting to more plant-based proteins and away from processed food can revitalize our bodies and spirits. I am 70 years old and feel great."


"Your treatment and recommendations for my daughter completely healed. Thank you!"


"Dr. Raven is warm, smart, and competent. She has been instrumental in improving my life!"


"I was very impressed with how thorough and compassionate she was when I first reached out to her for help. She was able to quickly diagnose the issues with my system and consequently started me on a treatment plan that focused on the source of the problems instead of the symptoms. After only a few short months, I feel a huge difference in my overall health and well-being." 


I would yell my praises for Aralia Health from every rooftop in Missoula if I could. Dr. Raven is thoughtful and thorough, making every step towards your health goals feel understandable, attainable and supported. I have never had such compassionate care in the medical field.


"My experience with Dr. Raven has been nothing but stellar. She is kind, patient, and extremely knowledgable, and always had a way to find solutions. I have a couple of medical issues that require some conflicting treatments, and Dr. Raven is quick to find ways to treat multiple things at once without letting one fall to the side - this has been a struggle in my medical history and she absolutely stands out for how she is able to create such holistic treatment plans. After following her treatment for gut issues, I am eating all sorts of foods that I had to completely avoid before, and I am so excited to be able to have a more colorful and happy diet. I cannot say enough good things about her care, and I recommend her to anyone I come across! Wonderful!"






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