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Ozone is a colorless gas that is made up of three atoms of oxygen. Ozone regulates oxidative stress, reduces inflammation, detoxifies the body on a cellular level, stimulates the immune system, and upregulates healing and stem cell growth. 

These services are available without establishing care as a New Patient, however, all of the below treatments will have an initial one-time consult fee for a brief consultation with a physician prior to receiving the service. 


All of these services are offered on a Sliding Scale, see our FAQs page for more info.

Ozone for Wound Healing

A quick and effective way to address non-healing wounds or ulcers. It can also prevent or treat infections. Ozone injections fall under our Peripheral Injection Treatments which may include any injection treatment addressing the skin, muscular, and nerve tissues. Trigger Point Injections involve injecting solution into muscle. Trigger Points are spots that illicit pain that radiates and are sometimes felt as knots in muscles. Injecting these areas can release restrictions and relax muscular tension. Perineural Injections involve injecting around nerves to calm down nerve pain and inflammation. This can help resolve pain and relax muscular tension related to nerve hyperreactivity. Ozone therapy is often paired with these injections to help uregulate healing from a cellular level. $115 brief consult fee* + $100-200 procedure fee. Procedure fee varies based on size of region being treated. *consult fee can be billed to insurance, but procedures are considered non-covered services.

Dental Ozone

Helps treat periodontal disease, reduce gum inflammation, and treat internal tooth infections. It can also be a great addition following a root canal to clear the pathogenic bacteria which tend to remain even after treatment. $115 brief consult fee* + $50 procedure fee. Procedure fee varies based on size of region being treated. *consult fee can be billed to insurance, but procedures are considered non-covered services.

Major Auto-Hemotherapy 


MAH is a procedure in which medical grade ozone is mixed into your own blood so that it can circulate throughout the body. Ozone is a gas that helps the body activate its own immune system and free radical scavengers. This aids the body in healing from inflammatory conditions and infections. Ozone is also excellent at promoting wound healing.  ​Ozone is effective at treating a number of conditions. It is frequently used supplementally in cancer treatment. In addition, MAH IV's are commonly used to address: macular degeneration, circulatory problems, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, colds and flu, hepatitis B and C, Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), herpes simplex and herpes zoster viruses, Lyme disease, candida, and mold illness $200/45-60 min +$50 consult fee on first visit *Inquire about packages

Vaginal or Rectal Ozone

Vaginal ozone can treat various vaginal infections (bacterial, viral, and fungal) and alleviate pain in the vulvar, vaginal and pelvic regions. Rectal ozone can aid in healing ulcers and reducing inflammation in the rectum and colon. It can also have a systemic impact in regulating oxidative stress and upregulating tissue healing. ​ $125/40 min +$50 consult fee on first visit

Sinus Ozone

Helpful for chronic or recurrent sinus infections. Ozone is excellent at killing viruses, bacteria, and fungi - even species that are resistant to pharmaceutical medications.  $150/20 min +$50 consult fee on first visit *Pairs well with our Bilateral Nasal Specific, which is a Physical Medicine treatment for chronic sinusitis. Our Sinus Package includes both services for $250.

Sinus Package

This package combines the best of our sinus treatments for an powerful approach to chronic and/or recurrent sinus infections. See Bilateral Nasal Specific (Physical Medicine) and Sinus Ozone (Ozone Therapies) for further descriptions on each treatment. $250/35 min +$50 consult fee on first visit





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