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Digestive Health Services

Our physicians specialize in several functional digestive disorders, including: SIBO, IBS, Candida, Mold illness, Leaky Gut, and Food Sensitivities. We also work with digestive conditions that are autoimmune in nature.


Can bill most insurance companies.

Integrative Pelvic Floor

Helps with pelvic/abdominal pain, painful periods, painful intercourse, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, infertility, perinatal care, low back pain, constipation, hemorrhoids, erectile dysfunction, pain with erection/ejaculation, difficulty urinating, & healing sexual trauma.  *Insurance can be billed for this service

Integrative Bodywork

Integrative bodywork includes craniosacral therapy, myofascial release and naturopathic bodywork. This bodywork is calming the nervous system and can help increase feelings of safety in the body. It can be a supportive addition when stress, anxiety, or an overactive nervous system are contributing to digestive health conditions. This is very common in patients with IBS, but can also be true in many other digestive health disorders. *Insurance can be billed for this service





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