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Arielle Wilson

Arielle Wilson

I am Arielle Wilson (she/her/hers), the Co-Founder and Practice Manager of Aralia Health. My experience working in healthcare goes way back. Growing up in Missoula I have seen how central healthcare is to our communities and have participated in aspects from the clinic to the Operating Room, to the boardroom. Through my years in healthcare, I have developed passionate values around the importance of accessible, affordable, individualized and effective treatments for patients. I understand there is a place for the big machine style of healthcare, but I find a balance to be absolutely necessary. I strive to create that counter balance at Aralia Health. I hope to cultivate a space that people can trust and that is ingrained in the good of our communities.

I have always had an interest in what the naturopathic approach offers but have never seen it in action until having the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Stephanie Raven. This discipline has infinite benefits! And, in all my years, I have never seen a doctor more committed, with greater integrity, and with a drive to get to the bottom of it. It’s a magical combination.

My father taught me that happiness is found in making the world a better place and I humbly believe that starts with communities. That is my underlying goal for building Aralia Health - to create a community-centered, inclusive and accessible space. I strive to create a safe and accepting clinic that contributes to the wellbeing of our communities for the better good of all.


Healthcare Experience 

  • Full Circle Natural Medical Clinic, Missoula, MT 

  • International Heart Institute, Missoula, MT

  • Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital, Missoula, MT


  • Surgical Technology - University of Montana (graduated with honors)

  • EMT-B - Aerie Backcountry Medicine & Emergency Medical Technician-Basic


​Adjunctive Training

  • Phlebotomy & IV Therapy Certificate 

  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training


Feel free to contact me about your health and well-being. I am always happy to help you find solutions. 

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