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Wedding Packages 

We want you to feel your very best on your wedding day! We offer day-of packages to make sure that you are glowing and energized. We also offer day-after packages to help you rehydrate after your big celebration before you jet off  to your honeymoon. 

In addition, we have couples packages that include a series of IV therapy treatments leading up to your special day. These can help reduce the stress of wedding planning, boost your energy, and make sure that you are looking and feeling your best! 

Group Rates for Day-Of or Day-After IVs

We charge a minimum of fee for IV Therapy Group packages, which includes 4 IVs + travel expenses. We come to you! You can add-on any number of additional IVs for an extra charge. Please call the office to inquire about a customized quote, 406-493-0075.

We have 2 IV therapy options that you can choose from, which you can mix-and-match:

  1. Glow contains B-complex and amino acids to help boost energy and lift mood.

  2. Banana Bag contains B-complex and minerals to help with rehydration and hangover recovery.


If more than 10 people schedule, everyone gets an additional B12 injection at no extra cost. 

We require a non-refundable deposit to schedule group packages.

Love & Bliss Pre-Wedding IV Package 

IV Therapy can help you mentally and physically prepare for your big day. The below combination is tailored to help decrease stress, improve immune function, boost metabolism, and optimize mood. 

Package cost is $450 for one person and $850 for couples. We recommend doing this as a pair so you can have some scheduled self-care time with your honey. 

  • 2 B12 Injections to support energy, mood, and metabolism.

  • 2 Essential IVs containing B-vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to increase energy, improve metabolism, decrease stress and revitalize your health 

  • 2 Anti-Aging IVs containing 1000mg of the master antioxidant glutathione

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